Weavr is a platform owned and operated by the six consortium members of the Weavr group, who are the following entities:

  1. ESL Gaming UK Ltd
  2. The University of York
  3. Focal Point VR
  4. Dock 10
  5. Rewind
  6. Cybula

Weavr is the Data Controller for all personal data relating to the Weavr app, as Weavr will determine how and why any personal data is processed. For further information on what responsibilities a Data Controller has, you can consult the guidance provided the Information Commissioner’s Office.

What Type of Information do we have?

We currently collect and process information which relates to user activity of the Weavr app. All data collected is anonymised, so as to protect the identity of users:

  • What match users are watching
  • The particular screen users are viewing in the app
  • Last recorded app activity
  • Selection choices of users

All of the above data that is collected is submitted to Google Analytics, as a Third Party. Google Analytics is a service provided that Google, which produces statistical insights on user interaction of a product. We use Google Analytics to provide us an insight on:

Our responsibility

Under the General Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR 2018), we have an obligation to uphold a high level of protection in regards to any personal data that we hold on you.

When collecting your personal data, we endeavour to uphold and comply with your rights guaranteed under GDPR 2018.

Legal basis for processing your data

The legal basis for us processing your personal data in relation to your interaction with and use of the Weavr app, is for the legitimate interests of all consortium members of Weavr and the legitimate interests of our users.
The legal basis for us processing your anonymised persona data through Google Analytics is your consent.

Where and for how long do we keep your data?

We currently do not store or retain any personal data.

Your rights

Under GDPR 2018, you have a number of rights that you can exercise in relation to your personal data. Your rights are the following:

  1. Right of access: You have the right to request access to the personal data we have stored on you, including what type of data we are storing on you, the reasons why we need the data, as well as how long we will keep your data stored.
  2. Right to erasure: If Weavr no longer requires your personal data, you no longer want Weavr to hold your personal data, or if its shown that we have unlawfully processed your personal data, you have the right to request us to erase your personal data.
  3. Right to object: You have the right to object to our use of your personal data, if you believe we are using it in a manner which is not agreeable with you. You also have the right to object to the use of your data for marketing purposes, if you believe
  4. Right to restriction: You have the right to restrict our use of your personal data, if you believe that the personal data we hold on you is inaccurate.
  5. Right to rectification: You have the right to request that we rectify any inaccurate personal data we hold on you.


There are times where we will use your personal data in order for:


Cookies are text files placed on your device to collect log information and behaviour of a visitor to an Internet site. We currently do not use cookies on the Weavr app to collect your personal data.

Third Parties

We may share your personal information with a range of Third Parties, who we will use to perform certain functions within the Weavr app. These functions include:

  • Facilitating a service for us
  • Assisting us in analysing persona data
  • Providing a service on our behalf

We will endeavour to keep your personal data safeguarded and will ensure the Third Parties are bound to the same standards of confidentiality as we follow. The Third Parties we use are the following:

  1. Google Analytics

Changes the Privacy Policy

As the objectives and sophistication of the Weavr app grows, there will be changes to the scope of the platform. We will keep our Privacy Policy under review and you are encouraged to keep track of any changes on this website.

The Privacy Policy was last updated on 10th December 2019.

Contact Us

If you ever need to get in contact with us at all to discuss the details of our Privacy Policy or to provide feedback on any aspect of the Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us:


Our Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with how we have used your data, or have any concerns about how we are storing your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, by either post or telephone.

The ICO’s address:

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Helpline number: 0303 123 1113

Terms & Conditions

1. Use of the app

1.1. By downloading or using the Weavr app, these terms will automatically apply to you – you should therefore ensure that you have read them carefully before using the app.

1.2. By downloading the Weavr app, you agree to not copy, modify, alter, amend or change either the whole of the app, any part of the app, or our trademarks attached to the app, in any way. You are expressly prohibited from directly or indirectly extracting the source code of the app, translating the app into other languages that are not already supported by Weavr, or making derivative versions of the app.

1.3. Weavr and all the consortium members are committed to ensuring that the app is as useful and efficient as possible. For that reason, we reserve the right to make changes to the app or to charge for its services, at any time and for any reason. We will never charge you for the app or the services within the app, without providing you express written notice as to what services and features you are paying for, as well as how much.

1.4. The Weavr app stores and processes personal data that you have provided to us, in order to provide our service.

1.5. It’s your responsibility to keep your phone and access to the app secure. We therefore recommend that you do not jailbreak or root your phone, which is the process of removing software restrictions and limitations imposed by the official operating system of your device. It could make your phone vulnerable to malware/viruses/malicious programs, compromise your phone’s security features and it could mean that the Weavr app won’t work properly or at all.

1.6. Intellectual Property

  • 1.6.1. The app itself, and all the Intellectual Property Rights attached to the app, including the trademarks, copyright, database rights and other related rights, belong to Weavr, including all moral rights and royalties attached to the Intellectual Property Rights.
  • 1.6.2. No clauses within these T&C’s grant, assign, licence or transfer any Intellectual Property Rights owned by Weavr to you, as the user.
  • 1.6.3. For the purposes of these T&C’s, Intellectual Property Rights is a wide-ranging term that includes the following aspects: any form of copyright, trademarks, database rights, registered and unregistered design rights, moral rights, logo, font, trading name and other rights.

2. Internet connectivity

2.1. Certain functions of the app will require the app to have an active internet connection.

2.2. Internet connection can be provided by either Wi-Fi or by your mobile network provider.

2.3. Weavr nor any consortium members do not accept responsibility nor liability for the performance of the app if your access to Wi-Fi or mobile data is restricted. Restricted access includes:

  • 2.3.1. Barriers to the Wi-Fi imposed by the provider;
  • 2.3.2. Using all your data allowance; and
  • 2.3.3. An unsecure, unreliable or unstable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

2.4. If you’re using the app outside of an area with Wi-Fi, you should remember that the terms of the individual agreement you have with your mobile network provider will still apply.

2.5. You may be charged both mobile data charges by your mobile provider and third-party charges whilst you access the app. In using the app, you, as the user, accept and assume full responsibility for any such charges, including roaming data charges that apply when you use the app outside of your home territory (i.e. region or country).

2.6. You assume all financial responsibility for settling and bills and fees that result from your use of the app – Weavr does not accept any liability for your ability to pay any bills.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. Weavr does not take responsibility for the way you use the app – the onus is on you, as the user, to ensure that you use the app responsibly.

3.2. Examples of situations where Weavr will not accept responsibility, include instances where the battery for your device is not fully charged and you run out of battery during your use of the app.

3.3. Weavr will endeavour to ensure that it is updated with the latest system version, but to ensure this process is completed, we must rely on third parties to provide us with information.

3.4. Weavr accepts liability for:

  • 3.4.1. Faulty app updates which corrupt user files; and
  • 3.4.2. An inherent app defects that affect performance of the app to the degree whereby the app becomes unusable.

3.5. Weavr accepts no liability for any loss, direct or indirect, including loss of performance, you experience as a result of relying wholly on this functionality of the app. Weavr will not be liable for any faults that result from the actions of third parties.

3.6. Nothing in these T&C’s shall have the effect of excluding Weavr’s responsibility for any personal injury suffered as a result of use.

3.7. Any loss suffered by the app shall not exceed £__, except in instances where Weavr’s IPR is breached or Clause 1.2 is breached.

3.8. If you, as the user, breach Clause 1.2, Weavr are entitled to impose penalties against you in the form of claiming for damages as a result of loss suffered from such a breach of the app, as well as applying for injunctive relief. In the case of injunctive relief, you would be expected to cease all interactions with the app.

4. Weavr app updates

4.1. At some point, we may wish to update the app. The app is currently available on the phone operating system Android – the requirements for system (and for any additional systems we decide to extend the availability of the app to) may change.

4.2. You agree to always accept any updates Weavr issues out to the app, when you are notified of such updates. Weavr agrees to immediately notify you when you are required to download the updates, if you want to keep using the app.

4.3. You are responsible for having the latest Android version installed on your mobile device, so as to ensure the best performance of the app is enabled.

4.4. Termination

4.5. If, at any point, we decide to stop providing the Weavr app to you as a service, we will terminate use of the app for all users.

4.6. Written notice of termination will be provided to you 30 calendar days before termination of the app.

4.7. Unless we tell you otherwise, upon written notice of termination:

  • 4.7.1. Any rights and obligations granted to you under these T&C’s will end;
  • 4.7.2. You agree to immediately cease all use of and interaction with the app; and
  • 4.7.3. If necessary, you agree to delete the app from your device.

4.8. Clauses 1.2, 1.6, 2.6, and 3 will survive post-termination of the app.

5. Changes to the T&C’s

5.1. We may update our T&C’s from on a regular basis. You are advised to review this page periodically for any changes.

5.2. We will notify you of any changes by posting the updated T&C’s on this page. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page.

6. Contact Us

6.1. If you have any questions or suggestions about our T&C’s, do not hesitate to contact us press@weavr.tv.