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What is Weavr?

Weavr is revolutionising the way fans experience esports. It is a groundbreaking technology platform that uses live and historic data to create meaningful and highly personalised mixed-reality experiences for esports and sports fans alike.

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Immersive experiences

Weavr incorporates immersive experiences for remote audiences that seamlessly stretch across virtual and physical spaces, multiple displays, mobile devices, VR video telepresence and augmented reality overlays, enabling viewers to teleport in between the live arena, virtual game worlds and augmented living rooms.

About Weavr
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Who are Weavr?

Weavr is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s audience of the future programme, delivered through UK Research and Innovation. In January 2019, a group of UK organisations came together to answer the Government’s call to develop the next generation of immersive experiences.

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