Weavr Demonstration for ESL One Germany – October 2020

ESL One Germany saw some of the best Dota 2 teams from Europe compete for a prize pool over $400,000. The esports event was hosted online due to the ongoing global pandemic, however this gave another opportunity to demonstrate Weavr to a massive online audience.

As with the Thailand event in August, Weavr continued to demonstrate its mobile application, Twitch extension, virtual studio and VR360 solutions but with a new addition to this event, the first public alpha display of Weavr’s XR experience.

This year has demonstrated the need to use technology to bring people together when we can’t do so in person. Weavr XR, developed by new consortium members Future Visual based on their VISIONxR™ platform, provides a social virtual space where esports fans can meet safely, regardless of their device or geography.

As part of ESL One Germany, we set up our first public demonstration of the experience, working with Gabriel “Lyrical” Cruz who is a popular commentator and content creator in the world of Dota 2. Lyrical invited his regular viewers in to a virtual viewing party to enjoy a number of matches as part of the tournament while interacting with the space.

Large screens gave the participants a cinematic viewing experience, while the central map was populated with live game data showing locations of the players as well as key information like their health and mana as well as important stories from the Weavr analytics engine. Plus props scattered around the room such as thunder-sticks gave participants an extra element to interact with between games.

We also captured highlights from all of the Weavr consortium’s demonstrations throughout ESL One Germany in our latest feature update:

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About Weavr

Weavr is revolutionising the way fans experience sports. In January 2019, a group of gaming and technology experts came together to answer the Government’s call to develop the next generation of immersive experiences. It is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s Audience of the Future programme, delivered through UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Weavr focuses on esports (video games played competitively in front of a live audience) which has the fastest growing audience for live sports globally. The project is creating a new platform that utilises historical and live gameplay data to transform how remote audiences experience esports, with the potential to extend to traditional sports further down the line.

The Weavr consortium consists of ESL, the University of York, Cybula, dock10, Focal Point VR, REWIND and Future Visual. It brings together academics and innovators across immersive technologies, data-driven content production and broadcast.