We’re looking for bright and talented people to join the dynamic, creative and technical team behind the WEAVR project. The WEAVR consortium is spread across England based at the offices and facilities of each consortium member. Please note, each member adopts a difference process of hiring staff. This page has aggregated all open positions relating to the WEAVR project. For more details, please contact the individual consortium member on their respective contact pages.

ESL – Leicester and London (Farringdon)

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University of York – York

Research Associate in Intelligent Content Creation Tools for Esports
We are seeking an enthusiastic researcher to lead the development of tools and techniques to support interactive esports narrative experiences, in collaboration with a significant team of researchers, software developers, and esport producers. As the successful candidate you will oversee the development of authoring tools that allow production teams to create new forms of immersive and data-driven esports narrative content. This will allow customisation of viewers’ experiences, either through their direct interaction (such as by selecting which character to follow in a battle, which depth of explanations to receive from commentators, or which aspects of the game to replay) or automatically (for example by taking into account their proficiencies, using their own game data). Application portal OPENING SOON.
Research Associate in Esports Data Visualisation
We seek an outstanding data visualization researcher for a fixed-term position as a Research Associate on the WEAVR project. As the successful candidate, you will oversee the development of interactive visualizations of esports player data. These visualizations will include: i) audience-facing visualizations of player behaviour that can be included within live broadcasts and second-screen experiences; ii) visualizations that help commentators and pundits tell more nuanced and engaging stories during live broadcasts and post-game analyses; and iii) visualizations that assist other members of the research team in understanding complex data sources during the development of machine learning and game analytics algorithms. Application portal OPENING SOON.
Senior Data Technician
We seek an enthusiastic and motivated senior software developer to join WEAVR to be key members of the Weavr team, driving the development of data middleware for esports analytics. We seek candidates who can bring specific expertise in using big data, analytics and ideally machine learning. We are interested in candidates who are enthusiastic about developing connections with both academics and external organisations to understand their needs and translate these into technical requirements and develop high quality software to meet them. Application portal OPENING SOON.

Dock 10 – Manchester (MediaCityUK)

Software Developer
We are seeking an enthusiastic individual with experience of software development in a commercial context. Reporting to the Head of Innovation and working alongside dock10’s Virtual Studio Developers and Broadcast Engineers. The candidate will closely collaborate with the University of York and four other industry leading consortium members across the UK.(apply).

REWIND – St Albans

Lead Programmer
As part of our ongoing expansion plans we are looking for a Lead Programmer to join our team.(apply).
Data/Video Ingestion Programmer
As part of the Audience of the Future consortium Weavr, REWIND are working to redefine audience participation and transform the experiences of millions of fans in esports. Using AI & data learning we will be creating highly personalised viewing experiences that will allow for fully interactive and individualised insights for the audience. With this exciting challenge in mind, and as part of our ongoing expansion plans, REWIND are looking for an experienced Programmer with experience of Data/Video Ingestion to join our already world-class programming team. (apply).
UI Programmer
As part of our ongoing expansion plans we are looking for a UI Programmer to join our team.(apply).
VR/AR Programmer
As part of our ongoing expansion plans we are looking for a VR/AR Programmer to join our team.(apply).

Focal Point VR – Guildford

Coming Soon

Cybula – York

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